3 Proven Playbooks for your business

Buyers are constantly changing and old outreach methods aren’t working anymore. Our strategies are timeless and scaleable because they are genuine.

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Proven Strategies
Founder-Led Playbook
The Founder-Led Playbook uses the founder's credibility to strategically engage decision-makers through personalized, authentic outreach, fostering trust and driving higher conversion rates.
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Leverage Founder/Executive Crediblity
Capitalize on the unique authority and trust that a founder brings to the table.
Strategic Decision-Maker Engagement
Identify and target key decision-makers, ensuring that the founder's message reaches those with the power to make purchasing decisions.
Personalized & Authentic Outreach
Drive stronger relationships and increase conversion rates.
+Everything in the Founder-led Playbook
We would hate to make you choose between different plans. So you the same benefits!
Targeted Value Propositions & Assets
Create a content library of value to share with your buyers. Every persona has different needs and pains, our playbook aligns value to buyer.
Educational & Consultative Approach
Adopt an educational and consultative sales strategy. buyers today need information and insights to make the best decision for them.
Value-Led Playbook
The Value-Led Playbook focuses on delivering tailored, actionable value and expert insights to potential clients, fostering trust and meaningful connections through an educational and consultative approach.
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Signal-led Playbook
The Signal-Led Playbook focuses on identifying website visitors, targeting leads from social media engagement, and reaching out with personalized, context-driven content to foster meaningful interactions.
I want to get warm leads
Identify Who Is On Your Website
Our platform reveals first-person identify of all your website visitors.
Target Leads From Social Media Engagement
Rhetora was built to filter your social media engagement to identify who to reach out to from your company followers.
Engage With Context
Reach out to leads on social media with content. For example: “Hey Jessica, noticed you liked my post about sales funnels. What caught your attention?”
Dominate your market
Pricing for one-person startups to scale ups
Starting at
3 month engagement
$150,000 Qualified pipeline Guaranteed
2,250 Highly targeted prospects
30-50 Qualified meetings
Sales assistant assigned to manage inboxes & chats
No show, cancelation, reschedule - We’ll handle it
Performance-based pricing
Starting at
3 month engagement
$200,000 Qualified pipeline Guaranteed
2,500 Highly targeted prospects
40-60 Qualified meetings
Multi-domain email infrastructure setup
6-18 Outreach campaigns (a/b tests)
Content library (3-6 assets)
+ everything included in founder-led playbook
Starting at
3 month engagement
$1,000,000 Qualified Deals Guaranteed
7,500 extremely targeted prospects
100-120 Qualified Meetings
Dedicated sales assistant assigned to manage inboxes & chats
Connect your social media & website engagement to identify and target the most warm leads
+ everything included in value-led playbook
We’ll fill your calendar.
You just do what you do best.

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