What AI Salesforce Should Have Been

A system of records is outdated. Data hygiene is ruining our trust in our CRMs. Rhetora is built with AI in mind.

*Rhetora AI is only available for Rhetora trained reps

How are we different?
AI-First All-IN-ONE Platform
Reliable Data
20+ Data Providers Integrated
No single data provider has all the coverage needed for your market. Find every possible lead with Rhetora.
Leads Prospected & Verified Daily
Identify and target key decision-makers, ensuring that the founder's message reaches those with the power to make purchasing decisions.
AI scraped & Human Verified
Drive stronger relationships and increase conversion rates.
Smart Engagement Campagins
Campaigns are created based our your ideal customer profiles. They are personalized based on relevancy to the prospect.
Zero Leak Funnel
Every prospect is tracked from inception to the time you take them on. Conversations are managed to ensure we don’t lose a single prospect.
Timing Based Nurturing
Only 3% of buyers are actively in market. Our platform is built to nurture long term relationships until they are ready to buy.
Versatile Campaign Engagement
Action-Oriented CRM
No Thinking What To Do Next
Rhetora takes away the question of what tasks to do next. Since our CRM is built with AI-first principles, tasks to execute are auto-sorted based on importance.
Unified inboxed & Chats
Managing 6 mailboxes and a LinkedIn inbox is difficult. Our unified conversation management allows for easy & quick responses.
3x Sales Activity
Our average rep does 3x more sales tasks by using our proprietary platform.

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